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Sunday, October 11, 2009

BLK Continuity Sequence Analysis

I decided to use a clip from the film ‘Definitely Maybe’ looking at the techniques that have been used to create narrative flow.
  • The clip starts with an establishing shot with a slow pan of the character’s walking, this sets the scene as we see clearly where they are and their position in relation to each other and other people.
  • Then there is a reverse tracking mid-shot so it appears as if the characters are walking towards the audience. The camera then slowly pans around as the characters stand opposite each other so the transition to the close-up shots isn’t jumpy.
  • A conversation then happens between Isla Fisher and Ryan Reynolds where shot-reverse-shot is used, this puts the audience in the conversation and makes them feel much more involved as oppose to watching the conversation from a distance, it also forces us to look at the character’s facial expressions and emotions. The dialogues for the shot-reverse-shot, which starts at 0:27, would have been filmed twice, once from her point of view and once from his point of view and then would have been edited together to create the conversation.
  • The technique match on action is used at 0:34 when he opens the box. We see him start to open the box in a close up and then the shot is an extreme close up of the box the same amount open, this makes narrative flow and avoids confusion with the audience.
  • Between the shot-reverse-shot, the camera cuts to the master shot eg. at 0:46 and 2:14, this breaks up sequence and reminds the audience where the character’s are in relation to each other and their surroundings etc.
  • At the end of the sequence, 2:42, the camera cuts to a long shot so we see the characters exit the screen.
  • Finally the 180 degree rule is used throughout this sequence as the character’s always have the same left/right relationship, Isla Fisher is on the left and Ryan Reynolds is on the right so the ‘imaginary line’ is not crossed. This avoids disorientation with the audience and creates narrative flow making it very easy to watch.

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