Final sequence - Dark Summer

Preliminary Exercise

Monday, September 21, 2009

BLK Shot Evaluation


1. Describe your shot and identify in what way it could be seen as representing ‘horror’

This is a medium long shot that focuses on a young teenage girl, she is hiding in a small cupboard full of clothes, the door is open and looks as if she has just been discovered by someone. She is white with long blonde hair and blue eyes which is the stereo-typical description of a victim in a horror movie so we get the impression she is the innocent vulnerable victim, we can also see this vulnerability in her facial expression as she looks terrified and nervous. Half of her face is covered by clothes which suggest she is hiding from someone, but also suggests mystery as if she has a dark secret or there is something we don’t know as half her face is in darkness. You can only see one of her eyes and she is directly addressing the camera which I think is really effective, hiding in a cupboard is also a common theme in horror movies. She is clutching a weapon in her right hand which shows she is brave and will try to defend herself but will not be enough as she is probably facing her killer. In this shot, the flood of lights suggests the killer has been sneaking up on her, has opened the door and found her. I think the lightness of the shot also represents her innocence and naivety, as if she wouldn’t even imagine what is about to happen. This shot represents the genre of horror as it shows the theme of the unknown as we cannot see the killer which creates suspense and fear for the audience and it shows the theme of isolation as the young girl is all alone and has no-one to save her.

2. What did you actually do to achieve the effect?
To achieve this effect we used padlights and had them half open to create the effect of the cupboard having just been opened. We also closed the door slightly so this would create a flood of light to create the effect the killer had just found his victim. To make the high angle as if the shot were from the killer’s view, we put the camera on the tripod and tilted it down, this makes the girl look even more terrified and exposed.

3. What is successful about your shot?
I think the most successful part of the shot was the fact it was from the killer’s view. As the killer is looking down of her, this shot shows the killer has control of the situation and has a lot more strength and power than the girl, the high angle makes her look helpless and defenceless. Also, I think the distance is very effective, if it had been a close-up shot we wouldn’t have created an atmosphere of isolation, being alone and fear. I like the fact she is hidden in a cupboard aswell, it shows her privacy and safety has been invaded and has been forced to hide in her own home, this is a common theme in horror movies as your home is the place where you’re meant to feel safe.

4. What would you do in hindsight?
If I were to do this shot again, I would darken the lighting a lot and create a lot more shadows to add fear and horror. I would also clear the cupboard as all the clothes distract attention away from the victim and I would make all the clothes that were visible dark colours to create a darker atmosphere.

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