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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

DYM Opening Sequences Analysis

Legally Blonde..
Narrative Expectations
  • The film starts with extreme close-ups of a girl brushing her blonde hair, doing her make-up painting her manicured nails and taking a lot of pride in her appearance, but the camera doesn’t show her face building up to what she looks like.
  • This is in slow motion forcing us to focus on her showing she is the main character.
  • A letter with the name ‘Elle’ is passed around the sorority suggesting the girl we keep seeing is Elle and this is also building up to seeing Elle.
  • We are shown her perfect hair, perfect nails, perfect jewellery, pink clothes and a little dog suggesting she is very materialistic and gives the image of typical ditsy blonde, it also seems like a very girly fun film.
  • We are also shown lots of labels eg. Tiffany and Prada and a Mercedes Benz showing she is rich.
  • It’s set in a college showing different groups of teenagers socializing.
  • Elle is shown to have a perfect life, she’s obviously very popular, everyone is signing a card wishing her luck for ‘homecoming queen’, she has great friends, a boyfriend and is extremely wealthy.
  • All the girls are shown looking pretty and taking pride in their appearance showing looking good is a priority in this film.
  • She blows a kiss to a picture of her boyfriend at the end implying their will be romance in the film, so the genre may be romantic comedy.
  • Girls climb the stairs to give the card to Elle showing she is at the top and everyone looks up to her, when Elle gets the card is when we first see her face.
  • The song ‘perfect day’ is playing in the background, it’s very upbeat, living and exciting which is signifying Elle’s life, everything seems a bit too perfect suggesting something may go wrong.
Shot Types 

  • A lot of ECU’s on Elle to show detail on her getting ready building up to seeing her face so we’re forced to focus on her.
  • CU’s over all her belongings eg. nail polishes, perfumes, designer labels to add to the image of her being a rich materialistic girl.
  • LS’s of the college, campus and surroundings to set this upbeat scene.
  • Tracking shot following the journey of giving the card Elle showing her significance.
Character Information 

  • The main character, Elle, is made to look like a girly ditsy blonde who only cares about her appearance, shopping, and boyfriends, but who has the perfect life.
  • We see that Elle was homecoming queen showing she is very popular and has a lot of friends.
  • All the girls at the sorority are similar to each other and Elle, they seem perfect doing their hair and make-up and care a lot about their appearance. They’re very conventional.
  • The boys are also very similar, they’re conventional, masculine and obsessed with the girls.
  • All the characters seem very stereotypical.

Narrative Expectations
  • The film starts with a middle-aged man getting ready for work, he is very smartly immaculately dressed. There is no music, low lighting, dull colours and dark clothes which suggest a serious and dark film.
  • We see clips of the man in his home and then the camera following him to work showing us he is the main character.
  • Morgan Freeman’s character is very immaculate, everything is neat and lined up, nothing is out of place. For example, his suit is pristine and his belongings are very carefully lined up on his bedside table as if this is a daily routine for him. This suggests he is very precise and accurate, always in control of the situation.
  • The main character comes across dull, serious and almost boring. He also seems very isolated, he lives alone and seems very independent.
  • The setting is a crime scene implying that Morgan Freeman is probably a detective in an investigation. The rain, thunder and dark surroundings suggesting the film is a thriller.
  • Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman’s character’s are a complete contrast, they clash and don’t seem to get along. Brad Pitt’s character is loud and spontaneous, whereas Morgan Freeman’s character is quiet and methodical.
  • In the credits, we see blood and the font used is quite chilling connoting the film will be chilling.
Shot Types 

  • ECU’s of his belongings, not him, forcing us to pick up on how immaculate he is.
  • LS’s of him in his home showing us his loneliness and isolation.
  • LS’s tracking the two character’s as they walk along the street, as if we’re following them and listening in on something.
  • Low angles used to make the characters seem superior and more important.
Character Information 

  • Morgan Freeman’s character seems very quiet and lonely, he keeps to himself.
  • He seems to have OCD as he is obsessed with everything being neat and perfect and he uses a metronome to help him sleep.
  • Brad Pitt is very relaxed etc. and is portrayed as the complete opposite to Morgan Freeman.

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