Final sequence - Dark Summer

Preliminary Exercise

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Group Proposal

After our group meeting we have decided on our final idea for our opening sequence and have put together a proposal to present to our class.
A phone rings and we see an 18 year old girl, Zoe, babysitting in a house. She goes to the kitchen and a man is standing at the window, wearing a mask, a hood and dressed in dark clothes. The audience see’s him but Zoe doesn’t. She then hears a scream and strange noises coming from the child’s bedroom upstairs. She is startled and drops a cup of red juice, smashing it on the floor. She runs upstairs to check on the child. She opens the door to see the room filled with the child’s possessions. The window has been blown open and as she approaches the bed, slowly pulling open the covers to realise that the child has gone.

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