Final sequence - Dark Summer

Preliminary Exercise

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


We're going to have the man at the window wearing a mask so his the character seems mysterious and causes the audience to question who he is and weather he is related to the babysitter in any way, this creates a lot of enigma for the audience. We haven't decided what mask to use yet but we want just a simple white mask, in the picture there are the masks from Scream and V for Vendetta which were our influences for this idea.

I think the mobile phone/blackberry is an important visual reference of our opening sequence as nearly all teenagers have mobile phones, so it's something they're familiar with and can easily relate to.

Red Signifiers
We're going to use a lot of red signifiers to make it clear to the audience there is danger and something bad is about to happen. When the babysitter drops the red drink, the audience will get a sense of blood and murder as this colour connotes danger. We're going to have the red coat hanging over the banisters as she runs of the stairs again symbolising how there is present danger.

Child Signifiers
When the babysitter enters the child's bedroom, we will have a lot of signifiers eg. teddy bears, crayons and kids drawings there to make it very obvious to the audience that it is a child's bedroom. We will also have a rocking horse and a musical box playing slow music which will both create a very eerie atmosphere in the room.

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