Final sequence - Dark Summer

Preliminary Exercise

Monday, March 29, 2010

2. How does your media product represent particular social groups?

We chose to focus on the representation of Age and Gender in our film.

Teenage Girls:
  • She’s young and attractive which will appeal to both young male and female audiences as they will be able to relate to the character.
  • She’s fashionable, she has nice hair, nice clothes and wears some jewellery, it is obvious she takes pride in her appearance which is typical of a teenage girl and many teenage girls will be able to relate to this.
  • She’s trying to make money by babysitting a few times which is a very conventional thing for teenager to do so she comes across as quite smart.
  • This also shows her character is quite sensible and mature as she is trying to make her own money and she actually gets scared and panics when she sees the child is gone showing she is quite smart and grown-up. People may have the idea that teenagers rely on their parents for money and would rather go out on a Friday night so we have challenged the stereotype slightly. So we chose the represent teenage girls in a positive light instead of using a stupid immature girl which wouldn’t have been effective for the film.
Young Children:
  • We never actually see the character of Summer which I think is very effective as it adds a lot more mystery to the film.
  • Very young children are seen as innocent, vulnerable and dependant so the fact that such a young child has disappeared is very serious and sensitive issue and people can understand the seriousness of this because of real life stories such as the Madeline McCann case.

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