Final sequence - Dark Summer

Preliminary Exercise

Monday, March 29, 2010

5. How did you attract/address your audience?

s we knew our target audience very well we knew how to directly address them, one of our methods was we made a face book page for a screening of our film to get it well known and recognised. We did this so we could get some audience feedback on our film.

We applied Levi Strauss' theory of binary opposites eg. we have shown..
Light vs. Dark
Slow vs. Fast
Calm vs. Panic
Inside vs. Outside
  • We also tried to shock and surprise the audience with the masked man standing at the window in the dark and the loud noise and scream.
  • We also made the audience feel more involved when they saw the masked man and Zoe, the babysitter, didn’t. This makes them feel more like part of the film as they know something a character doesn’t.
  • We have created a lot of enigma and mystery for the audience leaving them many questions unanswered so they want to carry on watching the film.
  • We have used the very serious issue of Kidnap which could add an emotional connection for the audience.
  • We have a very gripping storyline which starts off straight away instantly getting the audience gripped to our film.
  • We used a variety of different shots, lots of CU’s, HA’s, LS’s to make our opening sequence look as effective as possible.
  • We had many effective shots, the ones I thought worked best was the slow zoom at the beginning from a LS to a CU, I think this really introduces the character well. Also the high angle on the stairs, I think that looks really good and also builds tension. I also like the fridge shot and the phone shot at the end as there are objects in the foreground which are out of focus so the audience’s attention is still on the main character.
  • We used a mobile phone (blackberry) as a visual reference instead of using a housephone as a mobile phone is something nearly every teengager has so is familiar with and can easily relate to.

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